How Much Money You’re Losing with Poorly Trained HVAC Techs

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HVAC training for your technicians may seem like a considerable expense. However, it is nothing compared to the money you may be losing by having poorly trained techs on your team.

Many HVAC companies are currently witnessing a mass exit of their most seasoned technicians due to retirement.

Not only are they feeling the squeeze of having fewer techs on their team, but they are dealing with greenhorn replacements who have way less training and experience.

While these new technicians may seem like a cost saving by working for less pay up front, in the long-run, they will end up generating far less money for the business due to skills shortages and unexpected losses from critical errors.

Here are some common ways poorly trained HVAC techs are costing you money.

1. Mistakes

It’s no secret— poorly trained techs make a lot of errors. While some mistakes can be remedied relatively painlessly, others may cost a pretty penny.

Cases, like needing to return to an incorrectly completed service call, can be pricey. And mistakes that cause damage can exponentially increase expenses, destroy company reputations and tarnishing relationships with clients.

Technicians with thorough, up-to-date training are far less likely to make critical errors, saving you a lot of money.

Fortunately, affordable and comprehensive training, like the courses offered through Interplay Learning, are available. HVAC techs can get basic, intermediate, and advanced level training to help improve their knowledge and competency from wherever their starting point is.

2. Slower Work

Technicians without adequate HVAC training don’t work as fast as those who are well trained.

This can cost your business a lot of money in a short time. For fixed price jobs and services, labor costs can quickly increase when it takes longer than it should. Delays can stack up and lead to customer frustration. And even worse, a backlog of jobs can lead to cancellations.

In situations where clients are being billed hourly, those customers will not be happy about paying for the extra time that wouldn’t otherwise be necessary with a better-trained tech.

Virtual reality HVAC learning can mean a massive difference in the speed and accuracy of your technicians. With VR enabled HVAC training simulations, technicians can practice their skills in real-life scenarios, on life-like equipment and repeat standard procedures over and over until they get it right.

Access to training developed by industry experts will also keep them up to date with the latest techniques and troubleshooting processes, which will save time and money.

3. Lost Opportunities

There are two ways businesses can miss out on opportunities due to poorly trained HVAC technicians. The first way is related to the mistakes and slow work mentioned above.

As HVAC techs become backlogged due to the more time-consuming task and rework from errors, management will need to hold back on accepting new jobs.

This has a short-term and long-term impact. In the short term, there is the lost revenue from opportunities missed.

The long-term implications of having to say no mean that new and existing clients will take their HVAC repair needs to a competitor.

The second way companies can miss out on opportunities is because their team has critical skills gaps. Special skills are needed for more complex jobs.

As HVAC systems become more efficient, they are also becoming more complex. If technicians are not up to date on the very latest skills and capabilities, companies may need to turn down work.

With on-demand training from Interplay Learning, HVAC learning can be an on-ongoing process. Managers can assign learning tracks and knowledge targets to HVAC technicians to make sure they are keeping up with the skills that will eventually match them to more challenging service call opportunities.

4. Poor Customer Reviews

One thing that has changed for all businesses over the past few years is the rise of online reviews. Bad HVAC customer experiences can quickly lead to a drop in business.

Both individual consumers and businesses now count on online reviews to determine their best choice for service and installation.

Just a few negative reviews could lead to a costly drop in business. This could be a lot more expensive than an initial investment in top quality VR training that would ensure your HVAC technicians are ready for whatever they face in the field.

You can easily avoid the losses that can occur with poorly trained HVAC techs by investing in high-quality HVAC training that fits your budget and need for flexibility. Interplay Learning takes advantage of the latest technology to offer VR and 3D simulation training to keep your techs at the top of their game.

From foundational learning to advanced, hands-on troubleshooting scenarios, your employees will learn faster, smarter, and more affordable. Without needing to sit through another boring training lecture or dig through another old manual, your HVAC technicians will learn more, retain more, and enjoy the process, which they can do from the comfort of their own home. That means better techs, fewer losses, and more profit for your business.

John Daner
John Daner

HVAC Technician with 12+ years experience in the field.