System Check: Reasons an Annual HVAC Tune Up is So Important

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Luckily enough, you haven’t run into any HVAC problems this year. This must be a good sign that you don’t need to schedule that recommended annual tune-up, right? If things have been running so smoothly then you might as well do it next year, what’s so wrong in skipping it this time?

I wish I could agree with you, but I highly suggest you get off that train of thought because a lot could go wrong if you skip the HVAC tune up this or any other year.

You see, a tune up is an annual maintenance check that helps keep your system up and running all year long without surprise breakdowns. Additionally, it maintains the efficiency of the HVAC system, something you cannot afford to overlook.

For a relatively small investment, you’ll not only save money but also breathe cleaner air, maintain your warranty, and extend the life of your HVAC unit. There are many more benefits of an annual AC tune-up, some of which we’ll be looking at in this post. 

1. HVAC Tune up Cost Less Compared to Repair and Replacement

One of the top reasons for an AC tune up is the fact that the technician will detect any underlying problems and ensure everything runs efficiently with a lesser chance of breaking down in the course of the year. Without the checkup, however, you risk the chance of small issues such as a loosened blower component or a clogged condensate drain turning into bigger problems.

If this happened, you need to pay for repairs that may require spare parts, which will be more expensive than a checkup. If left unchecked for a prolonged period, these problems could end up too complicated for a repair, and you may need to replace the unit, which will be even more expensive.

How do you prevent this? By getting an annual tune up.

2. Lower Energy Bills

You may assume that since the appliance is heating and cooling without apparent problems, everything is fine. However, if you consider your current energy bill, there may be a problem.

Without an annual checkup, dirt and debris block the airflow of the unit, and some operational parts lose lubrication. The system works harder than it should to meet the desired temperatures, which always ends up in hiked energy bills

3. Extended System Life

With regular maintenance, you can expect your HVAC system to last longer. A tune-up will reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and issues that could warrant a replacement. It’ll not only last a long time but also serve you well by running efficiently as well. 

4. Keep You Covered Under Your Warranty

Most HVAC units come with a limited warranty, and manufacturers require to see annual checkup reports when homeowners submit a claim under warranty. A warranty can save you high expenses in the future, so investing in a yearly AC tune-up will keep your warranty valid. 

5. Improve the Air Quality of Your Home

You may be surprised to learn that airborne pollutants are 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor air pollutants. Sometimes, it could be as high as 100 times more, and if you or any member of your family suffers from allergies or respiratory issues, you need fresh air quality in your home.

On a day to day basis, we share our homes with dust, dust mites, pollen, mold, cigarette smoke, and pet dander. Annual tune-ups, which are preventative check-ups, will ensure the air quality pumping through your vents is well filtered and clean.

6. Improve Your Comfort

Truth be told, your HVAC unit keeps you comfortable in the hot and cold seasons. It may be hard to imagine a life without it. This, in itself, is reason enough to have an annual checkup.

A well-maintained system produces and distributes warm and cool air steadily and evenly throughout your home at all times. Additionally, you will avoid the bad smell and irritating noises that come with broken units, which would disrupt your comfort.

7. Keep Your Home Safe

A damaged HVAC system could cause incomprehensible problems in your home.

If, for instance, the furnace developed a crack in the heat exchanger, the carbon monoxide would escape into your home and poison the air you breathe. Worse, it could develop a short circuit and result in a fire. This is by no means meant to scare you, but it’s always a possibility if the HVAC system is not well maintained, which makes an annual tune up imperative.

8. Help the Environment

If your green footprint worries you, then a well-maintained HVAC system will consume less fuel, which is excellent for the planet. It’s vital for you to understand the kind of refrigerant your system uses.

During the AC tune-up, the technician could fill you in on that information, and if yours still uses Feron, they will help you make changes. They could also help you transition to a programmable thermostat and natural gas.

9. Give You Peace of Mind

You’ll sleep soundly at night, knowing that your system is running smoothly and efficiently without the risks of big surprises. Even though breakdowns could happen, you stand a high chance of only experiencing minor issues when you have annual tune-ups.

Can’t You Just Do It Yourself?

If you’re wondering whether you can do the tune up yourself, well, you’re not alone. Many homeowners do as well. However, regardless of whether you are a handyman or not, some tasks are best left to HVAC professionals. Technicians come equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to do a fine job that won’t result in problems later on.

A measure you could take to help your HVAC system run smoothly is removing the dirt and debris around the outdoor unit. You may also change the filter if you notice dirt blocking the airflow.

HVAC Tune Up: The Takeaways

Now that you know the importance of an annual HVAC tune up, you need to schedule one. One of the most important parts of preventative maintenance is hiring the right HVAC technician.

Our contractors and technicians are trained, skilled, and knowledgeable enough to handle any HVAC problems you may have— going from a tune up to installation and repairs. Get in touch and we’ll be more than glad to make that annual checkup for you.

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