How to Stay Cool While Sleeping and Your AC is Broken

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Hot weather can be excellent especially after a long winter. However, when the heatwave strikes, your sleep will suffer considerably. Are you tired of spending summer nights with sweaty bed sheets and poor quality of sleep? Well, you can always take advantage of these tips to help you remain cool and avoid excessive sweating. You can start by wearing lighter pajamas or get rid of your thick covers. Here’s what else you need to do to make your summer night as chilly enough as possible.

• Try keeping an extra set of your sheets in the freezer and actually freezing your sheets. That way, if you feel the night may get too warm, you have a temporary solution. Sound crazy? Well, sleeping on colder bed sheets will actually balance your body heat. Put your bed sheets in a carrier bag and place them in the freezer for a few minutes right before bed. When you sleep on them, you will have a chilly and peaceful night.

• You should think about icing your fan. Yes, you might be running your fan through the whole night hoping to get some cold air, but it’s not working as it’s supposed to be if there’s nothing cold to blow around. Otherwise, you will be spreading around warm air, or it depends on the type of fan you have in your bedroom. Well, you should place some ice cubes or cold water in front of your fan because it will pick up the cold moisture as the ice melts and that’s what will be circulated.

• You should think about getting a cold water bottle. If you’re always using a hot water bottle in winter, you can take advantage of it in warm, and even hot months. Yes, you will be using it differently than the intended purpose, but it can work too. Add some ice cubes to the bottle and pour some cold water. It’s a homemade cooling aid to keep you comfortable through the night.

• Also, you should make your bed sheets damp to get a good night’s sleep on a hot summer night. Don’t soak them with too much water because it will get into the mattress and that’s not the greatest way to sleep. That’s why you should protect your mattress by laying a towel beneath the damp sheet. If you are fortunate enough to have a new mattress such as this one from Amerisleep, you will know it has a great air circulation system to keep you cool.

• Take a cold shower to keep your body temperature cool. You should even try a cold shower for the best results. Don’t even bother drying yourself. You will get rid of the mugginess of the hot night when you get hit by a wave of the hot air from the fan and feel cooler.

• Try sleeping on the ground because the air above your bed will be hotter than what’s closer to the ground. If you sleep on the top floor of your house, try sleeping closer to the basement to get better sleep through the night.

• Choosing the right window covering for a hot summer night is very important. Yes, you might have pretty curtains right now, but they won’t do a lot when it comes to keeping you cool. You can always try damping your bed sheet and hang it over an open window to allow the breeze to bring cold moisture into your room.

• Dip your feet into a bowl of cold water. Keep in mind that feet are susceptible to heat since they have a lot of pulse points. Therefore, when you feel warm during the night, you should dip your feet into the bowl of water and cool the rest of your body effortlessly.

• Turn off every electrical socket in your house because they are creating more heat when they are on. You should also sleep with your lights off since generating a lot of heat through electricity certainly will not help on a hot night.

• Stop cuddling on summer nights. Your bodies are generating more heat when you’re cuddling so maybe it’s time to sleep apart when it’s too hot to cuddle. Even better, you can sleep in separate rooms to avoid spooning in the middle of the night because body to body contact creates more heat. Just wait for the hot season to pass and you can enjoy your romantic nights together once again.

It’s tough to sleep comfortably when it’s too hot. That’s why you should choose lighter covers and wear light pajamas too to avoid getting too hot. Who knows, you can also sleep naked and feel much more comfortable!

John Daner
John Daner

HVAC Technician with 12+ years experience in the field.