Ways to Bring Technology in Your Home to Save Money

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Technology, as you probably know, is on a continually upward track.

Every day it seems there is some new gadget, game, or toy being released that we have to get our hands on. Such is the 21st century.

But did you know that many technologies are hitting the market (aside from the newest and hottest personal electronic device that every other person will have their face buried in the second it comes out) that can make your life at home easier, cheaper, more efficient, and more enjoyable?

Here at Aiken HVAC, we’re here to tell you that there are. In fact, there are a lot of great ways to bring technology into your home in a useful and productive way. Yes, that’s right: smart home devices. Smart “phones” move over.

Below we’ve outlined a few of these technologies based on how they can benefit you.

HVAC Energy and Money Saving Technologies

Now, “energy” saving can refer both to the amount of energy your uses to function, or the power it takes you to perform specific tasks. Either way, there is a gadget out the help.

First, let’s focus on how to keep your houses energy intakes at a minimum. Not only can these gadgets help you help the environment by using less energy, but they can also save you money!

  • Smart appliances/electrical outlet adapters – these display the power used by the devices being monitored
  • Smart thermostats to control your AC – the ability to turn off automatically so as not to over-cool and waste energy
  • Advanced window controls – these are used to automatically adjust the shading of the windows to not let the house overheat from the sunlight exposure
  • High tech insulation – keeping your walls working at their most efficient regarding temperature stabilization and control.
  • High-efficiency lighting – LED bulbs that last exponentially longer and require significantly less energy to do the same job as incandescent bulbs

“Make My Life Easier” Technologies

Not only are today’s technologies helping you home use less energy, but they are also helping you use less energy as well; saving you money every single month!

When it comes to saving yourself the energy of having to get up to do something, some of the gadgets you may be interested in are:
• Robotic anything (vacuums/mops/lawnmowers/laundry folders/etc.) – they do the work for you, does it get more natural than that?
• “Smart” Home Control hubs – being able to control any electronic component of your home from one panel
• Interactive Home Assistants – ask them anything without having to move a finger!

Technology Is Still A Good Thing

Sure, sometimes it feels as though the technology is turning us into a bunch of mindless, self-secluding, non-interactive zombies, but there are still many ways in which technology continues to push our society towards bigger and better things.

Introducing some of the various technologies we mentioned above into your home can be beneficial to the environment, your wallet, and your hectic daily lives. All good reasons to take a step towards technology.

John Daner
John Daner

HVAC Technician with 12+ years experience in the field.

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