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How to Find a Reputable And Experienced HVAC Service Company

Having a well-maintained HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) system is your assurance of having a home that is cool during the hot summers and warm during the chilly winters and with fresh air circulating in all corners of the house.

You can play your role in keeping your HVAC system in a tip-top running state by doing things such as checking and replacing the filters and vacuuming and cleaning the air inlets. But, most of what needs to be done is work best left to HVAC maintenance experts. In light of this, you may find the following tips useful when looking for the right HVAC maintenance company to hire.

• Research the HVAC Companies in Your Area

Picking a random company for the job is the wrong move. It is better to avoid placing your full trust in ads and get some independent and reliable opinions. You can inquire from your relatives, neighbors, or colleagues. You can look up HVAC service providers on Yelp, search through online reviews, or check out Angie’s list or Google ratings. The goal is to get several good leads that you can then scrutinize by checking with the Better Business Bureau. If you do settle on a particular maintenance agency, talk with the contractor and ask for references that you can contact and do follow-ups. Also, find out if the contractor and give you tangible examples of their past work whether it be gas heating and the like or cooling and air conditioning.

• Go For Experienced HVAC Contractors

Homes are different, and the same is expected of the type of installation done for the HVAC system. An experienced HVAC technician will understand this and has dealt with various types of HVAC systems and installations thus will be in a position to know what your HVAC needs.

Our technicians will do several years working as apprentices before they can be considered to have the gain the necessary knowledge and skills of working alone. Our experts cover 3 – 4 years of apprenticeship to ensure the will appreciate and value the need to provide exceptional services to all our customers because they are associated with and work for a reputable company that upholds high-standards of professional services.

Within the training period and under the tutorship of a season HVAC technician, all our contractors will have seen thousands of different HVAC systems before they are approved to handle one. We ensure that all our technicians undergo 250 hours of classroom training annually to ensure they are updated with the latest standards and HVAC systems. All this is in a bid to ensure that you are guaranteed to work with a dependable company when you hire us.

• Meet The Heating & Cooling Contractor

The company you are to give the job should send a representative to your home to assess your HVAC system before work begins. It is a prudent measure that gives them an idea of the existing issues and the best remedies. Whoever is sent by the agency should be clean, neat, and well informed about various types of HVAC thus in a position to answer the question that you may have.

• Check Licensing, Insurance, And Permits

The HVAC technician should have all valid decimations (state license, workers’ compensation papers, and proof of insurance). The documents are proof that the company has met the standard requirements, and they also shield you from any injury or accidents that may occur. Most cheap HVAC servicing agencies will skip these documents, and this places the burden of risk on you. Remember to check the building permit expectations in your locality. The HVAC company should have permits for every AC and furnace they install. The licenses will protect you and creates room for inspection to be done by the relevant officials.

• Get Written Estimates And Sign A Contract

Ensure all given estimates are itemized and presented to you in writing. The company should give you the estimates and insist that you sign a contract that covers when the job should start and end, the cost of labor and materials, and the payment schedules. Do not discard the importance of comparing the highest and lowest bids. We believe that if every service provider out there works within the governance of the above recommendations, then the highest to the lowest bids will all exude quality standards of professional work, though those with the highest offers may provide better quality products and services that come with worthwhile extras.

• Look For After-Installation Support

HVAC companies tend to offer deals on service contracts when doing new installations. Our package is called the Comfort Club and will see our technician visit as per the agreed schedule to check and troubleshoot your HVAC, a service rendered at a discounted cost with guarantees in place that will look at your HVAC system working efficiently thus saving your money. The service contracts will make you, the homeowner, a priority during emergencies and give you the change to have discounted services that may not be covered by the existing agreement.

• Be Prepared

Make sure that you do some background check and research before you make that first call. You should know the nature of the problem and your HVAC make, model and serial number.

John Daner
John Daner

HVAC Technician with 12+ years experience in the field.